• Current Committee Assignments:

    -Jobs & Economic Development Policy and Finance

    -Public Safety Policy and Finance

    -Labor & Regulated Industries Policy

  • I will continue my appointment to the Workers' Compensation Advisory Council

    I am appointed to the Governor's Workforce Development Council

    I am also appointed to a select working group to examine living wage issues in the state

  • Endorsements:

    • Endorsed by the Minnesota Chamber Leadership Fund

    • Endorsed by Choice in Minnesota Health Care

    • "A" Rating from the NRA

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I am the Representative for MN House District 53B which encompasses about 70% of Woodbury. It is an honor to serve you!

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Education is not a “one size fits all”

Andrea Kieffer - Minnesota State Representative

My commitment to education has never waivered.  I put students first and ask parents to be their child’s strongest advocate for success in school and in life.  As a freshman legislator, I authored a bill that required teachers to pass the basic skills test before entering the classroom to teach as the primary teacher (in …

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Jobs for our Famlies

Young store owner putting up open sign

Many of the problems we talk about today, the high cost of health care, the quality of education, homelessness and poverty, would be a lot less critical if Minnesota weren’t bleeding jobs to other low tax, reasonably regulated states. I am tired of hearing those commercials and reading the signs from other states that say …

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Cutting spending is not enough

Minnesota State Capitol Building

Our economy will not improve until we balance the budget and change our state spending habits. However, simply “cutting spending” is not enough. I strongly think that the best decisions are made at a local level, and we need to reform the way services are delivered to our citizens.  This would allow us to spend …

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